Growing people to grow business

Hirsch’s Silver Lakes recently hosted their monthly Ladies Networking Morning along with Margaret Hirsch.  This is an opportunity for like minded business women to come together and mingle, socialise and network with each other and also to celebrate the Women in Business Achiever award!

Coba Rohm, the guest Speaker for the event, is a Business Manager in both corporate and privately owned companies. A Hospitality specialist since 1987 and a Qualified Transitional Coach, Performance Booster Licensee who is passionate about growing people to grow businesses! The topic for the day was on Employee Engagement.

Coba divided the attendees into groups where they had to discuss what made them successful and why they enjoy what they’re doing currently. Coba then performed a dramatic fall from the chair where Andrew Quinn came and “rescued” her. Coba then touched on the importance of how every company should get employees involved in First Aid.  Margaret Hirsch came forward after Coba ended her talk and spoke about the Women in Business Gala Dinner in Cape Town and inspired the ladies to enter the competitions if they could.

After that, the finalist for the March Women in Business was introduced, Liesel van Zyl, owner of Fusion Sports gave a captivating speech of how she started her business and what kept her strong during the times of difficulty. Margaret Hirsch then awarded Liesel with a certificate of recognition and a Hirsch’s Voucher.

Each attendee then gave a 30 second introduction of who they are and what they do and lucky draw prizes were given out with the only man in the audience being one of the winners!

Commented the store Public Relations Officer “the women who attended today enjoyed the super interactive event today with Coba and they were very happy that Margaret made a surprise visit too.”

If you would like to find out more about the next Ladies Networking morning, contact your nearest Hirsch’s Homestore and chat to the Public Relations Officer for that store.

Pictured: Co-Founder Margaret Hirsch, winner Liesel van Zyl and Guest Speaker Coba Rohm.

  • Jo
    April 28, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Wow, truly inspirational!