With the cold spell that we’re experiencing that is likely to be around for the next week or so, it’s time to prepare for the long hot summer days when we will all be relying on our air conditioners to keep the temperatures down in the home.

CEO of the Hirsch group, Allan Hirsch, gives us some good reasons why we should keep our air cons serviced on a regular basis.  Says Allan “When an air conditioning unit is serviced, filters and coils are cleaned,  parts lubricated and rust removed.  With all suppliers, if and air conditioner hasn’t been serviced, the warranty falls away so it is imperative, not only for the unit to work effectively, but also for the longevity of the unit to have it serviced at least once a year if you live inland and twice a year if you live by the coast.”

Servicing is just doing the basics to get the unit back in mint condition.  Visualize the radiator of a car that is blocked.  The engine will over heat.  If your coils aren’t cleaned on your air con unit, your compressor is going to overheat as well, so it is essential that your air conditioner is serviced, especially with rust and corrosion from the salt air (if you live by the sea) , which isn’t covered by a guarantee. Investing in a small amount for the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning unit is definitely well worth it.” All Hirsch branches have a Hirsch Air department – contact your local specialist today to book a service.