More than Meds with Kathy Mann at Hirschs Fourways

Hirsch’s Fourways recently hosted Kathy Mann who is the author of “Avoiding Burnout” as a guest speaker at a networking event in the store.

The book details the author’s story of recovery from an extreme illness after living what looked like a relatively healthy lifestyle which included lots of exercise and a balanced diet.

The book  also includes a 7 point plan on vetting your personal lifestyle. Said Hirsch’s PR Officer Sharron Dingle “Kathy went  into one of the main causes of illness through stress  – as this affects the Thyroid and Adrenal Glands.

She  told us about symptoms that she’d experienced and never took seriously, and then how she approached getting well. The first and main step was empowering herself with extensive research and as a result, being able to implement a lifestyle change.

This included addressing sources of stress from  traditional work to things as close as family and friends and sleep. Kathy is living proof that with the right meds and a lifestyle change you can get lasting results,”

For more info on the monthly Health and Wholeness Network or other networks held at the store, feel free to send Sharron an email at [email protected] or pop in to visit her.