The growing trend in the world today seems to be to remain single!

Statics point to the fact that women especially are enjoying singlehood as they become more empowered.  Singles Day on NOVEMBER 11 has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world with the Chinese embracing it to the full and spending in excess of 168.2 billion yuan (R 350 billion rand) on “singles spoils” last year.

The Chinese chose November 11 as singles day because of the number 1 (11/11) – resembling single individuals.

How did it start you may wonder?

On 11 November, 1993, four male students from Nanjing University in China discussed how they could break the monotony of being single, and agreed that they should simply CELEBRATE the honour of being alone!

Since then, the world of single folk has taken up the challenge and have gone all out to spend a small fortune on pampers for themselves.