Buyers guide to winter essentials

No doubt about it – winter is here and the evening chill is setting in.

Whether you like the colder weather or seriously just want to hibernate until spring, we have the best plan of action to get through the chilly season. The key lies in having the right tools – appliances – to help get you through the winter cold.

First up is heating your lair – you want a comfortable room temperature that lets you shed at least some of those 20 layers of clothes without drying out the air and causing a hot-inside-cold-outside cold or flu.

Our Hirsch Air aircons are customised to provide the right amount of heat for any room, with excellent service support and specially developed to heat or cool a room to the perfect temperature with the best results.  They heat up a room without drying out the air.

One of the best things about winter is the hearty stews and soups that warm you up from the inside.

Let’s start with the prep – for the perfect stew or soup with the least amount of fuss and mess, as well as keeping energy costs down, you need a slow cooker. Add the ingredients and choose your preferred setting, time and energy-wise, and you can relax with a hot cuppa while the food takes care of itself. Simply switch on the slow cooker before going to work or tucking in for the night and relax knowing you don’t need to check up on the dish every five minutes – the slow cooker does all that for you.

Speaking of a cuppa – another winter essential is a coffee maker. For the perfect coffee, latte or espresso we suggest the De’Longhi Magnifica Pronto, and for work, the more compact yet oh-so-cute Nespresso Essenza ZA Pure is perfect.

Cold weather needs hot meals, which is why meal warmers are perfect. Today’s meal warmers are sleek, efficient and very pleasant on the eye – nothing like that old ‘hostess’ Grandma used to have. Try the Grundig Integrated Warmer Drawer to keep your winter meals nice and warm.

While leftovers are always good, in winter they’re better served hot than cold. If you need to defrost  and then warm up some grub, you cannot go wrong with one of our favourite winter picks – the Whirlpool 33lt Met Jet Chef Microwave Oven. Its 6th Sense technology utilises the built-in sensors to sense the level of humidity and adapts the time and energy required to ensure perfect cooking results.

Keep warm this winter – from inside and out – with the right appliances.