Black Friday Survival Kit!

As we approach the busiest and most anticipated retail event of the year globally the excitement sets in!  Stay cool calm and collected so that you make the SMART retail choices!

We have packed this blog with Black Friday essentials to ensure that you are well equipped for the Sale of the Year.

  • Create your wishlist –
    Make sure you purchase what is on your list as this helps to prevent impulsive purchases.
  • Monitor prices –
    Check prices from previous months to ensure you truly are getting a ‘bargain’
  • Subscribe or follow retailers –
    They usually send out hints as to the items that will be going on special.
  • Phone a Friend –
    Run through your list with a friend to confirm all these items are ‘needs,’ and cross-check your research.
  • Trading hours –
    Double-check trading hours as many retailers extend their hours. Always be early as the later leave it,  the smaller the variety you will have to choose from.
  • Fuel up –
    Make sure you have had enough rest the night before and carry liquids to energize you throughout the busy day.
  • Comfort first –
    Do your feet a favour and wear comfortable shoes.


We have negotiated the most incredible deals for all our savvy customers. We are sure to tick all your boxes.