Chilli Chocolate Chefs

We were thrilled to have the wonderfully talented sisters, Faatimah and Zainab, from Chilli Chocolate Chefs in our Springfield store. The sister act duo has, between them both, over 15 years of experience in the culinary world! Both sisters graduated from two of South Africa’s most renowned chef schools, Christina Martin and Fusion Cooking School and have worked at prestigious restaurants like Sage Restaurant, Sprigs, Makaranga Lodge, Fusion café and Refresh.

The menu for the morning consisted of three delicious dishes and a vibrant mock-tail full of fresh fruit! Tasty and super healthy – the lovely ladies demonstrated to the eager guests how to make a Sweet Potato and Pecan Loaf, a Chickpea & Bean Sprout Salad and to end off with an amazing Sesame seed Prawn Pasta. Guests listened attentively, writing down the recipe word for word.

Prizes where given out to guests who did the most tweets and Instagram posts throughout the morning, to the volunteers who assisted with the cooking and in the end to a few ladies who answered questions correctly. After the demonstration we had an opportunity to try the dishes and the end result kept us coming back for more. If you live in Durban and are looking for a caterer you cannot go wrong with this dynamic duo. Did we mention they are SANHA Halaal accredited?

Which they are! Click on the link to find out more about the @ChilliChocolateChefs