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Saucy Chocolate Pudding

Saucy Chocolate Pudding Need a quick pudding to feed a crowd? Saucy chocolate pudding is your yummiest option. This one is great using store cupboard ingredients! Serves 6 – 8 Ingredients 60 g butter or margarine (60 ml) 170…


Coconut-Curry Chicken

Coconut-Curry Chicken Coconut curry chicken is a spicy dish perfect for colder days, warming up your home with its delicious aromas and flavours. Indulge with some rice, bread rolls, or even our family favourite naan. Serves 4 Ingredients Coconut…


Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns

Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns While holidaying in Zanzibar we mastered these amazing Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns. We have to live off the local produce. Fish and seafood are to be found in abundance; yams (sweet potatoes), bananas, and mangoes are also…

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Marie Biscuit Fridge Cake

Marie Biscuit Fridge Cake This no-bake Marie Biscuit Fridge Cake recipe  is very economical, and can be whipped up in a flash. This is a great recipe using ingredients which you normally have to hand in the store cupboard…

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Make and store these easy bases for snacks, serve with dips, and delicious with soup. French bread makes approximately 22 – 24 slices/ ciabatta about 10 – 12 slices Ingredients Bruschetta: 1 baguette French bread, or similar Italian bread, such…


Easy Microwave Milk Tart Pudding

Easy Microwave Milk Tart Pudding. Such an easy, yummy and economical dessert to make. You will love it and it’s so simple to make kid-proof as well. Serves 6 – 8 Ingredients Milk Tart Pudding: 1 x 397 g…


Cumin-Flavoured Lamb Steaks 

Cumin-Flavoured Lamb Steaks Cumin may not be a spice normally associated with lamb, however Cumin-Flavoured Lamb Steaks is a really tasty addition. Together with its sister spice, coriander, and the chilli, this recipe is right up my street with…

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Spicy Garden Couscous

Spicy Garden Couscous Vegetables and a carbohydrate all-in-one meal, or serve as an accompaniment to a braai, or with roast chicken, lamb, or beef. Serves 6 Ingredients Spicy Garden Couscous: 250 ml dried couscous 750 ml vegetable stock or…

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Pink Berry Smoothie

Pink Berry Smoothie Pink berry smoothie, for the gals and the guys,  fresh flavours combine to give you a super boost. Serves 2 Ingredients Pink Berry Smoothie: 125 ml cranberry juice 125 ml pomegranate juice 250 ml frozen berries…


Butternut Soup

Butternut Soup Butternut soup is always a winner. Experiment with this. Take out the packet soup and sweet chilli sauce and add 2 – 3 Granny Smith apples, peeled and chopped, an onion and a little curry powder. It…