Hirsch’s store tour for Willowridge High School

Hirsch’s Silver Lakes recently held a fun, interactive store tour for the top 15 achievers at Willowridge High School, giving them a thorough explanation of how each department works.

The students were taken around the store and were shown how a retail appliance store operates on a daily basis and how every team member plays a vital role in the company from the cleaners to the sales people to the managers. The students participated by asking relevant questions at each department and made sure they understood everything 100% before they left. The warehouse team showed the pupils how to strap boxes and how they offload heavy stock.

After the tour, Monika from Easy Health Wellness, demonstrated 3 delicious smoothies for the students to taste and told  them about the importance of fruit and vegetables in one’s diet.

The event ended off at the Whirlpool section where the brand ambassador surprised the students by preparing and baking a pizza with the Jet Chef in less than 8 minutes!

Commented the PRO: “it was lovely to see how the pupils were so interested in our store and how they wanted to know more. We gave away 2 cookbooks. The students had to pop balloons and the balloons with a paper inside won Miele caps, vouchers and pens for all the students.”

If you would like to bring your class for a tour, contact your nearest Hirsch’s Homestore and chat to the Public Relation’s Officer for that store.