Hirsch’s celebrate nurses at Brooklyn Clinic

Hirsch’s Milnerton recently visited Brooklyn Clinic to show appreciation to the nurses who work there for ‘National Nurses Week’. Commented Hirsch’s Public Relation’s Officer Taryn Taylor “We honour these hard working individuals who work long hour shifts, especially at a clinic with little to no break, and this week is all about acknowledging their hard work and dedication to making South African’s better.’  The clinic staff were super spoilt with a strong cappuccino, treats and the latest At Home with Hirsch’s magazine.

‘Thank you very much for this wonderful spoil, I feel valued and I will always remember how Hirsch’s takes care of the community.’ said, Sister Schuder, Clinic Manager.

It is so important to give back to your community and to support the individuals who love and care for others in our community. 

If you would like to acknowledge an institution or business for their hard work and treat them with a coffee morning all you need to do is give your nearest Hirsch’s Homestore a call and chat to the store Public Relation’s Officer.