Healthy Living Made Easy with Hirsch’s Homestore

Hirsch’s Centurion recently had a healthy cooking demonstration in store where Ajita Ratanjee, Dietitian and founder of Easy Health Wellness, shared some of her healthy recipes with guests.

Ajita’s philosophy is that healthy eating should still be delicious and appetizing in order for it to be sustainable, therefore she never wants her clients to feel deprived of anything. 

She took the opportunity to not only give valuable information about the type of food and nutrients that we need to fuel our bodies with, but to also show how simple and quick it can be to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

“The guests were really excited when it came to the tasting  her dishes, and surprised to find out how delicious the food was.” commented by Hirsch’s PRO.

Guests were delighted to be given a link to Ajita’s so they could try out the recipes at home.