Spreading The Love To The Homeless On Mandela Day

Hirsch’s Head Office in Durban celebrated Nelson Mandela Day with typical Durban flavour.  Staff wholeheartedly rallied together to contribute bunny chows, food parcels and blankets, which they loaded onto vehicles before heading out to visit the Nest Homeless Shelter near Durban’s beachfront.  There, they handed out a total of 67 Bunny Chows, 20 Blankets and a variety of non-perishable foods to a very surprised crowd of Nest Homeless Shelter employees.

Andrew who heads-up the operation at the shelter was extremely appreciative and said that everyone was going to be very happy with a tasty bunny chow to warm their tummies, and blankets to keep them toasty on cold winter nights.

A big thank you goes out to the staff at Hirsch’s Head Office for their contribution, The Nest Homeless Shelter for the amazing work that they do, and to Taste Delight for supplying the incredible food!