Margaret Hirsch – inspiring young minds

Margaret Hirsch COE of Hirsch’s home store’s recently attended the 8th annual Young Citizen’s Action programme for 2017. YCAP is an organisation involved in empowering young students to make positive changes in the world and become active in shaping our nation. It teaches them social entrepreneurship and life skills and allows them to showcase their impactful and sustainable projects.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff Founder and CEO says that “Y-CAP is empowering and motivating change agents at schools across the country.”

Margaret was invited as a guest speaker to tell the students the story of how she started off in a children’s home in Pietermaritzburg and is now reaching a two billion rand turnover. The students felt truly inspired and realised it’s not too early or too late to start choosing what they want and start working for it. “You have to grab what you want in life, no one is just going to give it to you, it takes hard work and doing it for yourself.” said Margaret.