When Allan left Fuchsware where he did his apprenticeship in the ‘70’s, he went into partnership with an electrical appliance company and he was given three months to prove his worth. As it was September/ October and very quite, he knew he had to create some business. He noticed that most of the air conditioning units in the area were getting rusty.  He approached the various store owners about servicing their air conditioning units and they said that it wasn’t hot enough yet.  Allan then got Margaret to write letters to the business owners, offering them a special discount price to service their air cons before summer really started – but there was no response.  He followed up with a phone call to see if they had the letter.  They were still vague about whether or not their units needed servicing. 

On the first hot day of summer, Allan’s phone started ringing and he couldn’t keep up with the demand from people wanting their Aircons serviced.  It taught him that people don’t really think about air conditioning until conditions become unbearable – and then it becomes the most important thing in their lives.

When Allan founded Hirsch’s he continued to service air conditioners during the winter months and in the summer they would advertise air conditioners like mad and they just took off.  Hirsch Air continues to thrive with leading brands supplying their units to Hirsch’s.  Installations, and of course, servicing, is carried out by the Hirsch Air team in all three provinces in which Hirsch’s operates – KZN, Gauteng and Cape Town.