Top catering schools from around KZN  have chosen the finalists – and their assistants – for the inaugural HIRSCH’S HEAD CHEF competition that is due to take place at Hirsch’s Umhlanga Rocks Branch on Friday, October 27 at 1.00.  Schools taking part include the International Hotel School, the the Capsicum Culinary Studio and Fusion Cooking School.  The Hirsch’s Group are the main sponsors of the competition.

Commented CEO,  Allan Hirsch who will be one of the judges commented that  “We are living in a time when people who leave school are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a career.  One thing is for sure, and that is that people have got to eat! Training young chefs and getting people enthusiastic about food, taste and smell at an early age is something you can’t really put a value to. Hirsch’s are proud to be instrumental in putting together the Hirsch’s Head Chef Competition.  Here is the opportunity for these great young chefs to stand out and show what they are capable of producing.”

The ICC’s Executive Sous Chef, and the Chairman of the SA Chefs Association in KZN  Desmond Davies, who is also a judge said that this was exactly the type of competition that people in the culinary industry enjoyed taking part in.  “We need to bring in more of these fun elements, like cooking from a mystery box and working in an unconventional environment.” He said.  Fellow judge, well known KZN caterer and Masterchef Finalist,  Joani Mitchel  said that she loved the fact that Hirsch’s had come on board to put together and sponsor a competition of this nature, and it was a great way to put emphasis on cooking as a career.”

The schools have all been sent a list of the rules for the competition which starts at 1.00p.m. on the 27th October, and ends, with prize giving at 2.30 p.m. Each school will be fielding their top senior student and a first year (as their assistant) and they will cook two courses from a mystery box – with an hour of preparation and cooking and ten minutes to plate up (five minutes for each dish).