Local Ladies Learn To Be Unstoppable

Hirsch’s Hillcrest recently hosted powerhouse business women, owner of Pro-Appointments, founder and chair lady of the Robin Hood Foundation and author of the book ‘How to Be Unstoppable’,  Cindy Norcott, for their final Women In Business Networking Morning of 2017.

Cindy drew a crowd of over forty ladies who came hungry for the insight that she gave on how to be unstoppable and achieve more in business. Commented Cindy “Being unstoppable is about adopting the right attitude. It’s about setting goals and writing them down, then acting on them. It’s about leading with integrity, understanding what you fear, and recognizing what holds you back in life from achieving these goals.”

The Hirsch’s Women In Business Networking Mornings in Hillcrest have been an essential part of ensuring that female entrepreneurs develop new relationships in order to grow and become successful.