HeronBridge Career Summit 2018

A team from Hirsch’s Fourways recently attended the Annual HeronBridge Career Summit which is held for Grade 12 pupils and their parents to help assist in career and study choices.

Shona Fleming, who holds several degrees, including BSc(Med), PGCE(Cum Laude) and her BTh(Cum Laude) was their guest speaker. Shona is the Rector of St Mark’s, Northriding, and is licensed as an Archdeacon. She used her background and teaching experience to show  pupils and parents the way ahead. “HeronBridge also invited a whole lot of professionals from a variety of backgrounds from professional photographers to medical professionals,” said Sharron Dingle the Public Relations Officer of Hirschs Fourways.

“The inspiring Jaci Tibbit (Mrs Mzanzi Africa) was also one of the professionals and she not only represented her company Jack Flash Signs, but was also  able to speak into the space with motivation and dreaming big. This successful and inspiring event was organized by Tasmyn Jewell from HeronBridge with whom Hirsch’s has a really great working relationship. Hirsch’s as a family business always tries to find the opportunity to help build a bright future for people in the communities in which they operate.”

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