Entrepreneurs within the community recently gathered at Hirsch’s Meadowdale to squeeze in one last Business Networking event before the Easter weekend.

Ready to inspire the listeners with his talk- “Thriving when everything around you is Changing” was Ed Hatton– a Business Mentor, Co-Author and Speaker.

Ed has devoted over 27 years to mentoring entrepreneurs. His focus is on business strategy, marketing and sales. He is a passionate believer in entrepreneurship and co-authored a textbook on the subject. He writes the My Mentor column for Entrepreneur magazine and frequently contributes to other media. He is a popular speaker, having recently spoken at Markex, Interbuild and the Sales Summit 2018. He is also a senior Business Partners mentor.

“In turbulent times such as we live in many businesses owners must feel like a boxer under attack; frantically defending, reducing the impact of blows and plugging gaps with little time to think. Other businesses use change and uncertainty to thrive, to grow to gain new clients and technologies.” Said Ed.

Ed focused his talk on explaining to the audience how to thrive during change & highlighted the following important aspects to assist you in thriving:

  1. Consciously get out of your comfort zone
  2. Understand your Customer’s needs
  3. Focus
  4. Innovate
  5. Customer Satisfaction
  6. Flexible & Being Reactive

After Ed’s talk, networkers were given the opportunity to present themselves and their business in a 30-second ‘elevator pitch’, followed by some lucky draws, networking, sharing of business cards and enjoying some refreshments.

If you would like to join the Hirsch’s Networking Mornings, please contact Letitia Haywood on [email protected]