Hirsch’s Women in Business networking on “Living in your Truth”

Hirsch’s Milnerton recently hosted their monthly women in business networking morning, with local movers and shakers in the business community coming together to socialise and share their business stories with each other.

Guest speaker, Jaclyn Van Greunen, who is a qualified Metaphysical Practitioner, Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Numerologist spoke on the topic “Living in your truth”.

Amongst all of her qualifications she also freelances as a creative stylist who passionately enjoys virtually styling the social media platforms of businesses and personal brands.

She spoke on how her journey through life has got her to where she is today and allowed each guest to stand up and also share their personal story telling everyone how they got to where they are today.

“My passion is to awaken woman to the realisation of who they truly are and to inspire them to live that truth daily”, says Jaclyn.

“It was great to see everyone link their private life to their career choices today and explain how passionate they are about their chosen career paths. It was a truly inspiring and motivating talk.”, commented Hirsch’s PRO, Jade Huet.

For more information on our networking mornings please contact Hirsch’s PRO, Jade Huet on 021 528 6700 or [email protected]