Hirsch’s Homestore in Hillcrest recently held their monthly networking meet up with local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs getting together to mingle with like-minded individuals and expand their business network.

Money Life’s Margie Whitten was the guest speaker for the morning speaking on creating a generation that understands the value of money.

Money Life is a web based education program that will equip teenagers and young adults to build smart spending habits and respect the value of money. “The program has been designed to help the youth make smart financial decisions and develop life skills while still having fun.  The knowledge gleaned from the program will assist them in developing financial maturity and the skills to manage the pressure of daily life.” says Whitten.

“If we can raise the next generation who are living in a cashless society to understand that money is not an illusion and that it has very real consequences if not managed correctly, we can reduce the risk of setting them up for financial disaster later in life. We are raising a generation who will be our future leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, employees and parents responsible for raising the next generation,” She continued.

These networking events are held regularly, contact [email protected] for more information.