Psychology of Success

Hirsch’s Meadowdale recently hosted another successful networking morning for all the entrepreneurs within the community.

27 Entrepreneurs gathered to listen to Director of The Basch Institute- Michael Basch’s talk about; “The Psychology of Success”.

Michael is an internationally accredited Life, organizational, brain health coach and hypnotherapist. He has facilitated growth and success modules throughout the African Continent and is one of the foremost thought leaders in EQ (emotional quotient) in South Africa today.

Being a 10 year veteran of politics in South Africa, Michael has developed tools that enable entrepreneurs to drive growth into their businesses even in the most hostile and combatant of environments.

Michael started by explaining to the audience that success is not what you achieve, however it is what you believe.  As humans we are programmed to see the negative aspects of certain situations and in turn we exude negativity and that prevents us from reaching our personal and business success.

However through neuroscience tests that have been done,  there are tools to assist in boosting your brains’ power, control negative emotions, effectively cope with stress and increase your overall well being,  focusing your brain onto a new path of growth, opportunities and success.

“As an entrepreneur, what you exude is what your business will become” said Michael.

After Michael’s talk, attendees were given the opportunity to present themselves and their business in a 30-second ‘elevator pitch’, followed by lucky draws, networking, sharing of business cards and enjoying some refreshments.

If you would like to join the Hirsch’s monthly events, please contact Letitia Haywood on [email protected]