Hirsch’s Struben’s Valley recently held a WIB Ladies Network event with guest speaker Ronel Harris,  a motivational speaker, author and winner of several awards including the Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Finalist for 2017 and 2018.

“The audience was captivated by Ronel’s performance and inspiring talk on the choices we make in life.  She explained that we must stop making excuses for not having enough time to do the important things in life, to stop thinking that we are not good enough or to simply say that it is not the right time to do something. We should not allow our past to hold us captive, but rather forgive ourselves for not having it all and then giving ourselves permission to take control of our lives and follow our dreams. As long as we find excuses, our lives will never change for the better.”  Said Hirsch’s Dorette Nel.

“The No 1 reason that is preventing people from achieving in life, is fear.  Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of resentment and fear of success.

In order to achieve anything in life we first have to be grateful for what we already have and we need to make sacrifices to ensure a successful life.” Explained Ronel.  After her talk,   guests were able to purchase a copy of her book “Break Free”.  Jeanette Lings, a motivational speaker from Roodepoort was chosen as finalist for July in the Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Achiever Awards and the lucky winner of the cookbook draw was Estelle Botes.  To find out more about the monthly WIB Ladies Networking events, contact Dorette on [email protected]