At a networking event recently Hirsch’s Fourways hosted Dr. John Dermartini, world renowned international guest speaker, author of 9 international best sellers, a business skills trainer, and an actor, having appeared in several films including “The Secret” in 2006.   Dr Demartini’s talk was entitled “How to Empower your Life”.

Allan Hirsch, the CEO and founder of Hirschs introduced Dr Demartini who spoke on learning to focus on the way we do things and why we do them –  rather then what we do. He gave several excellent yet relatable stories, some quoted  from his books. “He also spoke about how the destructive influence that an idealised expectation that is not met can influence one’s life and that there are better ways to deal with these situations,” said Sharron Dingle the PRO from Hirschs Fourways. He went on to say that the power of the mind is incredible and one only has to learn to harness it and then the sky is the limit.

“We also had the pleasure of hosting 3 young ladies (and their Mothers) from the Grade 8 Science Expo at HeronBridge which they recently excelled at with their business ideas and were awarded special tickets to attend as a unique experience. Not only did they get a wonderful chance to talk to and hear Dr Demartini they also had the chance to see how business people network.” Said Sharron.

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