Simple tumble dryer cleaning and maintenance tips

Here are a few simple maintenance tips on how to keep your tumble dryer in tip top shape!

Cleaning the sensor:

If your tumble dryer uses a sensor – which detects how wet your clothes are and therefore how much drying time they need – you’ll need to wipe the drum every few months with white vinegar or stainless-steel cleaner to keep the sensor working well.

Cleaning the lindt filters:

To keep your tumble dryer running at peak efficiency, you should clean the lint filter every time you use the dryer. If there is a lint filter in the door and/or rim, clear the entire rim at the same time.

Cleaning the heat exchanger (condenser dryers only):

Regularly remove and clean the heat exchanger (which turns the steam back into water) by running it under a tap. You’ll find this located at the bottom of the machine, under the drum. Washing this will help to get rid of any built-up dirt and hair.

Emptying the water reservoir (condenser dryers only):

You should do this after each load to ensure you can run a drying cycle with a full load without having to stop halfway through to empty the tank.