Hirsch’s Meadowdale recently hosted its last Ladies Networking Morning for 2018, inviting all female entrepreneurs  within the community to network and talk business with like-minded individuals.

Guest Speaker for the morning, Vanessa Krügel,is the CEO of PandoPro Pty Ltd.  In addition Vanessa consults, develops products and is a motivational speaker, trainer and writer.

PandoPro Pty Ltd, deals primarily with importing a unique specialised ingredient for the carbonated soft drink market.

Vanessa spoke about a brand new breakthrough in health. She noted that today’s modern lifestyle is at the basis of poor health including debilitating disease and autoimmune problems, leaving us sub-optimal human beings.

Vanessa said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, but we have destroyed this principle in lieu of making a profit. It is time to return to our roots of good wholesome real food, unadulterated with chemicals and loaded with nutrition.”

Vanessa concluded by saying “This dilemma creates many business opportunities for SME’s to bring back our health while creating job opportunities.  These include pasture raised meat, eggs, casein-A2 milk and dairy products raised on natural vegetation and not fed herbicide laden fattening grains like soya, wheat and corn. Another massive opportunity lies in replacing regular seed oils with sunflower oil as a substitute for olive oil.”

If you would like to attend Hirsch’s monthly networking events or for more information, visit the Hirsch website: or contact Letitia on [email protected]