If you’ve just purchased a brand new holiday home close to the beach and need to put together a variety of gorgeous, exciting – but super practical – appliances and general furnishings for your lovely new home, we can help you!

When it comes to your appliances – think energy efficient!  Hirsch’s salesmen will give you the run down on what the most energy efficient appliances are. Make sure that the tumble drier is part of the deal, and go for a dishwasher that has a 12 setting capacity so there is never a chance that hand washing needs to be done. A fantastic, funky little fellow that is bound to be a conversation piece is the Big Green Egg!  It’s the ultimate braai – and also smokes and bakes and does virtually everything a normal oven can do!

We have some knock out summery garden and lounge furniture that will be the perfect fit for any home, and of course, an amazing variety of beds – from top of the range to the more modestly priced suites.

Even though you’re on holiday, you need to stay fit and healthy and you need to check out the wonderful health inducing products like the Nutribullet and a super variety of smoothie makers and juicers. If you haven’t had an Air conditioning unit  fitted, now is the time to do so!

Include ceiling fans as well, for those people who don’t like air-cons on during the night. Finally, check out some of the smaller, time saving gadgets for your kitchen.  We can recommend  spriralizers, egg poachers, onion chopper’s, vegetable slicers, and to top it all, some fantastic, trendy Jamie Oliver cutlery and crockery sets.

Hirsch’s, adding fun to your festive season shopping experience.

P.S – Keep your awesome appliances safe with Power Surge Plugs!