Hirsch’s at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the world’s biggest tech show, and Allan and Margaret Hirsch were excited to attend it this year, as guests of Hisense, to find out more about some of the futuristic products that consumers can expect to see in the shops in 2019.

Commented Allan – “As can be expected, the biggest thing  at the show this year was artificial intelligence.  Self-driven vehicles, both for personal and industrial use, were especially big.

Experts at the show commented on the higher capacity of 5G networks being able to support the software needed to power networks of driverless cars and robots.

Homes, cars and entire cities will soon be connected to one another, with people able to use these connections to complete their tasks every day.

AI with robots and now drones was also big. Drones have taken off as a unique tool for our everyday lives, in the sky, on the ground and now underwater.

Other stand out products for me at the show:  LG have a beer maker! Similar to a coffee capsule, it’s  a capsule that brews beer. They are considering bringing it into South Africa this year, so you can brew your own beer while watching either the rugby or cricket world cups!

LG also had a roll up TV that rolls under the stand – thin and flat and of course, space saving.  Samsung had a wall TV – it will adapt to fit the size of the wall.

Hisense have some fantastic products. Their laser TV was amazing – it explodes with colour and ultra HD resolution. The Hisense 100 l8D TV’s thin, lightweight screen hangs inconspicuously and elegantly, and doesn’t need a special, darkened environment.

Without doubt, the technology from Japan, Korea and China is really outstanding this year.

Thanks to Hisense for inviting us, it was a real privilege.”