Turning conversations into connections

Hirsch’s Carnival recently hosted a  network platform for business people in the Brakpan community aimed at connecting like-minded business people who would like to build up their referrals network and data base.

George Tebbutt from Admin Junky pointed out at the meeting that if there’s one thing that’s sure to improve your business. It’s networking, said George: “Connecting with professionals in your industry is a fantastic way to learn, grow your business and be inspired. However, there are certain rules and guidelines you need to follow when building your professional network namely:

  • Keep things friendly, yet professional
  • Build an equal relationship
  • Be open, honest and trustworthy
  • Network with relevance
  • Don’t expect too much

This is a weekly commitment building relationships with other businesses to aid in your business growth. Hirschs Carnival was there to host the event, hold lucky draws, network , and enjoy giving out refreshments to guests.

If you would like to attend these meetings, please contact [email protected] or contact us on 010 822 2050.