Philips the gift of love

We’re on a mission to find the perfect gift for your loved one during the month of love.

One of our unique picks has to be the Philips Air fryer range. It is absolutely versatile and user friendly with incredible health benefits.

Their unique rapid Air system fries to perfection with little or no added fat. Optimal temperature and precision air circulation produce a cleaner, safer, economical alternative to oil frying. The  Air-fryer is fast and effective for baking, roasting and grilling, too.

Dishwasher safe parts

The removable non-stick coated drawer and the food basket  are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Instant heat

No preheat necessary – start cooking right away.

Quick clean basket

Clean the basket in less than 90 seconds.

Healthier frying

Healthy and tasty results every time. Great tasting fries with up to 80% less fat.

In addition to help scoring brownie points with your loved one, it makes brownies too! Shop this fantastic product on our website today: