A buyers guide to perfect steam cooking

The clean eating trend seems to be everywhere at the moment!  It’s not just about eating unprocessed foods and cutting down on sugar and salt, it’s also about the actual cooking process, and the best way to eat clean is to steam cook meals. Steam cooking offers the perfect combination of excellent taste and flavour for a healthy diet.

Here are some fantastic health benefits:

1. Steaming retains valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals and maintains the food’s moisture and freshness.
2. It softens food fibres, making food tender and easy to digest.
3. Without the use of cooking oils and fat, meals are light and healthy.
4. You can cook a meal in just under 30 minutes.
5. You can cooks over a single heat source and load different layers of food in a steamer – saving time, energy and money.
6. Cleaning up is easy!

Steam cookers are a great addition to any modern kitchen!  Shop our incredible steam cooking range on: