6th SENSE technology is aimed at revolutionising the kitchen by creating world class appliances that adapt and control intuitively to ensure perfect results. It extends beyond cooking with the PowerDry dishwasher and SupremeCare washing machines as  6th Sense Technology features detect the size of the dishes or clothing size respectively and intuitively, therefore optimising the amount of resources necessary for the washing cycle which saves you water and energy.

The different options of the 6th SENSE technology ranges from:


The 6th SENSE ovens boast a superior technology and programmer that set cooking parameters automatically, resulting  in meat being deliciously tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. As an added bonus, the Ready2Cook feature allows you to skip ahead without having to do any preheating – saving you time and up to 20% in energy consumption.


The Whirlpool 6th SENSE microwave is the first to introduce the Crisp’N’Grill technology to the market. The sensors detect the humidity level of the cavity and adapts the cooking time for perfect results.

Fridges and Freezers:

Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE technology maintains the best storage temperature for your food and only cools when it is necessary. This improves the energy efficiency of the appliance.

What is your 6th SENSE telling you?
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