Defy Helping Us Believe In Better

The beauty of Defy is that it allows you the opportunity to believe in better. This fantastic company has a rich legacy that spans over 113 years and is driven by innovation, passionate employees, reliable products and loyal customers.

Defy appliances have equipped themselves with the right ingredients to offer a world class appliance experience with an emphasis on innovation, brand development and people. Defy are now manufacturing smart innovative energy efficient appliances that takes a customer centric approach to satisfy all of your cooking, cleaning, cooling and laundry needs.

Defy leading the in-cooling technology industry:

Improved user-experience is the ultimate goal for all Defy technologies with a supported 5-year guarantee.

Defy Neo Cool Dual Cooling system achieves an advanced frost-free air flow system. They have positively affected both cooling times and humidity levels within the refrigerator, thereby enhancing the freshness within your home.

Multizone functionality is another innovative feature of this in-cooling system – allowing you to conveniently choose whether one of the compartments is used as either a fridge or freezer.

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