Keep cool with HirschAir

Wanting to put a spring to your step on hot days – or get that warm fuzzy feeling on colder days? Then you’re going to need a well performing Air Conditioner.

Whether heating or cooling,  air conditioners process large volumes of air and need to be serviced on an annual basis. The strategically placed filter traps dirt particles  that may pass through them, and if the filter is not cleaned regularly dirt build up causes damage to the coils and heating elements. This will add strain to your unit and drastically reduce the lifespan.

Efficiency Tips

  • Keep vents unblocked and clean
    You can vacuum dust away from indoor supply vents to help maintain constant airflow. Ensure items like curtains, toys and furniture are kept away from the air vents.
  • Bringing down the blinds

During peak sunlight hours ensure that your curtains and blinds are drawn to ensure there is no strain is placed on your unit.

  • Adjust your thermostat

Adjusting the temperature of your thermostat will assist with energy consumption.

  • Seal the leaks
    Ensure that all windows and doors are closed when air conditioners are in operation.
    Try to limit the number of times doors are opened and closed as this will minimize the amount of hot heat creeping in.
  • Servicing

Make sure that your air conditioner is cleaned and serviced at least once a year to ensure maximum use.

At HirschAir we take pride ourselves with highly talented, professional technicians who offer excellent service delivery to  our  customers. We specialize in  Installation, Programmed Maintenance and Service and Ducting Systems.

HirschAir, keeping you cool – or warm –  every step of the way.