Bosch Dishwashers gets five stars from us

Hirsch’s are proud to be one of the biggest stockists of dishwashers in South Africa. They all come with warranties, however, the Bosch brand has some exciting news! Bosch have created a five-year warranty on all of their dishwashers for your peace of mind!

Dishwashers have become the essential item that no home should be without! Not only does owning a dishwasher save you time and energy it also helps clean tough stains and is more hygienic.

1. We’ve got your hygiene sorted:

Old sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria which causes food poisoning. A dishwasher kills germs with heated water. The HygienePlus option on Bosch dishwashers, is an antibacterial cleaning function that ensures maximum hygiene by killing 99.9% of germs.

2. Helps you clean those pesky stains:

Dishwashers remove tough stains with their internal high-pressured water jets. Wine glasses, beer glasses and baby bottles can also be cleaned thoroughly with the help of a dishwasher.

3. Less Housework:

Let your dishwasher do the dirty work and get out of your kitchen fast to do things you enjoy doing. All you need to do is load it with your dirty dishes and cutlery, making life easy and hassle-free.

4. Saves Water:

A dishwasher uses around 40 litres of water. This means you would save up to 33.5 litres of water per rinse cycle as compared to washing your dishes under running water, which gives you enough water for one extra bath every week! Shop our fantastic range of Dishwashers on our website today at: