How To Minimise Your Cooking Time With An Airfryer

Why you need an Airfryer

With the busy lives that we lead these days, the need for fast and effective cooking mechanisms is more necessary than it was 15-years ago. That being said, the importance of an appliance that makes life easier, and keeps us healthy at the same time, is like gold. A brand that is synonymous with combining the two is Philips and its innovative range of aifryers. 

Having raked up international recognition with its multi-faceted capabilities, the Philips Airfryer allows us to make everything for the perfect three-course meal – from starters, mains and desserts, to a homebaked fresh bread, all while ensuring that our health is in check.

Benefits of a Philips Airfryer

Reduced washing up time: 

No more greasy pans and dirty dishes. Everything is cooked quickly through your airfryer, with one item to clean at the end of your cooking. The airfryer is also dishwasher safe, so can be slipped in and out of the dishwasher with little hassle. Instead of spending wasted time washing dishes, you can sip on a glass of wine with your feet up. 

Reduced cooking time: 

An airfyer generally saves on cooking time, up to as much as 25% less than ordinary cooking mechanisms, which gives you some extra time to quickly jump in the shower while you wait for your dinner to cook. 

Health benefits: 

Airfryers are known to use less oil than other fryers and in some cases, no oil at all, using convection to circulate hot air, and oil when necessary, around the food you cook. Using less oil significantly reduces the fat percentage of the food you eat, allowing for a healthier meal option. 


The initial cost of an airfryer quickly outweighs the day-to-day running costs of an airfryer, compared to traditional cooking mechanisms. The reduced need for non-stick products, oil, and energy use all contribute to saving you money at the end of the day. Airfryers use less electricity than an oven would, which will significantly affect your electricity bill at the end of the month. 

Airfryer sizes range for different household needs, from the Philips Avance Airfryer to the Philips XXL Airfryer.  

Say hello to the new way of cooking. Shop all Philips Airfryers on our website today.