Closing the Deal!

Hirsch’s Monthly Entrepreneurs Workshop

Closing the deal is what the July Entrepreneurs Workshop was all about this month, with 60 entrepreneurs and small business owners joining three top speakers to learn the finer points on how to do this.  The event was organised by the Hirsch’s PR team and held in their Training Centre in Umhlanga.

Founder and CEO of the Hirsch Group, Allan Hirsch, gave the audience an insightful glimpse into how important it was to listen to the customer,  empathise with them and make them feel like business class passengers on an airline!  “Get to know who you are dealing with,   know your product inside out and find the right time to close the deal.  People don’t like to be pushed.” Allan advised.

Successful entrepreneur, Sarah Swainson, who founded an online bra, swim and sleepwear company, and Pawfect, an online shopping company for pets, explained the importance of creating trust – particularly in the lingerie industry. She said that at the same time, one should give online shoppers something totally out of the ordinary to make them come back for more.  She used the example of how she had put her black Labrador, George,  in place as the “spokesperson” and CEO of Pawfect,  and how well customers responded to correspondence with George.  Gimmicky, but a winner.  Sarah also explained the importance of giving something free to “members” of Pawfect.  Free deliveries, for instance, worked well once the pricing structure was sorted out.

Well known Business Coach and the regular anchor of the Entrepreneur Workshops, Marlene Powell, summed up the day’s proceedings with advice on putting  healthy business practices in place before getting to the closing deal stage. ;  “Do what you fear most first – every day;  Understand that your profit is more important than your turnover; It is more important to work on your business and not in it;  Look after existing clients before bringing in new clients.”  She said.

The next Entrepreneurs Workshop will be held on Friday, August 16 at 11.30 for 12.00 in the Hirsch Training Centre, Hirsch Umhlanga. To celebrate Women’s Month, it will feature four top businesswomen who will share their stories and advice on how they created successful businesses despite hurdles that they had to overcome on their journey.

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