Hirsch’s Hyde Park – Ladies Networking Morning

Hirsch’s Hyde Park recently hosted their monthly ladies network morning with guest speaker, Julie Allen. Julie, who is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, spoke to the ladies about abdomen fat and what the causes can be. The 3 topics she zoomed in on were the  insulin thyroid and the sleep/stress response.

She started the informal session off by explaining blood sugar management and the factors effecting this. Next she spoke on normal insulin response to food versus insulin resistant response to food including the dangers of certain foods. “ This was such an insightful morning! Where has Julie been all my life?” commented one if the attendees, Linda Keene.

The net-workers were given the opportunity to present themselves and their businesses in a 60-second elevator pitch. This was followed by a lucky draw, networking, sharing of business cards and enjoying refreshments. Julie Allen was also announced as the month of August’s nominee for the Margaret Hirsch Women in Business award.  If you would like to join the Hirsch’s networking events, please contact Marjone Barnard at [email protected] or call
083 456 5387.