Hirsch’s Carnival Entrepreneurs Workshop

Hirsch’s Carnival recently launched their first Entrepreneurs workshop in Gauteng with over 50 entrepreneurs and small business owners joining two top speakers to learn the finer points on how to get their businesses off the ground.   The event was organised by the Hirsch’s PRO Chantelle du Plessis and held at Hirsch’s Carnival branch.

Over the years, Margaret has been recognised for the good work she has done in the business community throughout South Africa, helping aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals and motivating for school girls from underprivileged areas to attend school on a regular basis with The Girls With Dignity project.  The Margaret Hirsch Woman In Business Achiever competition that great women in the business communithas also been a great success.

Commented Chantelle “Margaret shared  tips with the audience on how to reach their goals by vision boarding. The main tip is to have clear visible goals. She shared her stories and experiences on the road to becoming one of the  most successful and well known women in business in South Africa. She spoke about how selling kettles and toasters paved the way to achieving great wealth.”

“God gives you a little money to test you. If you waste it, he stops giving it to you. If you spend it wisely he gives you more.” She explained.

“There is no doubt that the future of this country will depend on the success of Entrepreneurs. Commented Margaret.”

Well known Business Coach, Elsa Groenewald, from Action COACH  pointed out the you CAN do things better on the Marketing  and  Selling front. She gave the following pointers:

  • Make TIME to make things better
  • Get MOTIVATED to grow – get out of your comfort zone
  • Employ the right PEOPLE
  • Do NOT accept “living from hand to mouth”
  • Focus on LEAD GENERATION strategies – plan, test & measure
  • Understand your TARGET MARKET
  • Hold STAFF accountable for performance
  • See your Business as an ASSET  and a means to fulfill your personal dreams
  • KPI’s – test & measure everything
  • Get your business LEVERAGED


The next Entrepreneurs Workshop will be held on Wednesday 11 September 2019 at 10h00 at  Hirschs Carnival . To book, contact [email protected]