Eco-friendly appliances

Defining “eco-friendly”

Eco-friendly appliances promote green living that help to conserve energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution. They help protect the environment as well as prevent human health from deterioration. Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important in the world today.

Hirsch’s believes in protecting the environment and therefore they support brands that contribute to or practice green living. Hirsch’s is proud to stock eco-friendly appliances that help conserve resources like energy and water.

10 Eco-friendly appliances

Below is a list of 10 favourite eco-friendly appliances at Hirsch’s:

  1. Bosch 9kg Silver Washing Machine
  2. Smeg 610L Stainless Steel 4 Door Side By Side Fridge
  3. AEG 60cm Stainless Steel Steam Bake Oven
  4. Siemens 14PL Silver Dishwasher
  5. Samsung 7kg Silver Eco Bubble Washing Machine
  6. Whirlpool 308L Built-In Combi Fridge
  7. Defy 60cm Stainless Steel Slimline Oven
  8. Samsung 18000BTU Borocay Non Inverter air-Conditioner
  9. Bosch 14PL Silver Series 4 Dishwasher
  10. AEG 60cm Black Induction Hob


Eco-friendly tips

As a business, Hirsch’s strives to be eco-conscious, always learning and improving their practices. This is especially important when trying to limit the negative impact a business can have on the environment. It is just as important for consumers to take into consideration their impact on the environment. Here are 3 tips to becoming eco-friendly:

  • Switch to LED bulbs.
  • Use cold water when washing your clothes.
  • Make sure that your dishwasher is packed full before running it.


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