Cutting out the Clutter in Business for a Seamless 2020

Cutting out the clutter and gearing up for a successful and seamless 2020 was what the popular monthly  Entrepreneurs Workshop, put together by the team from GetUNoticed, Hirsch’s and popular Business Coach, Marlene Powell, was all about this month.  These events take place on the first Friday of the month at Hirsch’s Umhlanga Branch.

Founder and CEO of the Hirsch Group, Allan Hirsch, gave the audience an insightful glimpse into how important it was to listen to the customer,  empathise with them and make them feel like business class passengers on an airline.  “Get your basics right, focus on your purpose, present yourself in the right way and treat people the way you like to be treated and above all have a vision in which direction you should be going for the year ahead,” Allan advised.

Well known Business Coach and the regular anchor of the Entrepreneur Workshops, Marlene Powell,   said that at this time of year we are surrounded by a lot of noise and clutter and it makes it difficult to plan ahead.  “We tend to be human doings and not human beings.  It’s time to step back and see what we have achieved over the year, acknowledge our successes and find ways to improve on our environment so that we can continue on an upward spiral. “Do what you fear most first – every day;  Understand that your profit is more important than your turnover; Work on your business and not in it and look after existing clients before bringing in new clients.”  She said.

The next Entrepreneurs Workshop will take place on February 7 at the Hirsch Umhlanga Branch.  To book your seat, contact [email protected]