Goal Setting for 2020

Hirsch’s Homestore in Ballito was recently a hive of activity as business owners, reps and aspiring entrepreneurs gathered together for their monthly business networking event, a calendar favorite in the world of networking!  Shanthinee and Neel Sivanand, the founders of IKNOWME, were the guest speakers for the morning speaking about the 7-year journey of launching their brainchild – ExamEmoji.

Commented Hirsch’s Shane Spencer, “This vibrant and passionate duo brought in an exciting element to goal setting and vision boarding and got each attendee to draw in their own. Through their years of travelling and working in their respective fields, their mission was to take away the negative stigma around exams and to turn it into an exciting and achievable process. By combining Shantinee’s teaching background and Neels tech background they came up with  ExamEmoji, a Smart Exam Solution in South Africa. They originally designed it during their stint in England and now have brought it back to be manufactured in South Africa. ExamEmoji helps anyone from 13  to adulthood to achieve the Fastest Path to Success.”

“Every Child has the ability to achieve excellence with the best learning solution like ExamEmoji,” said Shanthinee

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