Protecting your Cyber Life

Hirsch’s Centurion recently invited Marna Roets, CEO of Inscorp insurance brokers and founder of Ivory Sun, to give a talk on how one can protect oneself from cyber hackers.

Commented the store PRO, Tsz Yan Lau, “Marna gave very useful tips on how we can protect our information and what one can do to be more careful about what information to give. One of the attendees did an experiment where she left a USB on a desk to see who would take it. The USB disappeared but luckily  the USB had a warning message that said ‘you shouldn’t just plug in USBs that don’t belong to you”

Marna also warned against logging into public wifi, always use an antivirus on the laptop, and use different passwords for all social media”

The talk ended with a Q&A and a lucky draw.

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