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If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? This was the question asked by Marlene Powell when she introduced the topic for the first Entrepreneurs Workshop for the year at the Hirsch’s Umhlanga Branch recently.  This is the second year that these informative, inspirational monthly workshops have been held, with anchor speakers, Marlene, a well-known Business Coach in KZN and who is in the top 100 Business Coach’s in the world with ActionCOACH, and the iconic, award-winning businesswoman Margaret Hirsch, COE of the Hirsch Group.

These workshops give participants the opportunity to interact with the speakers, discussing issues that may be troubling them in their own businesses. They are also held to help fledgling entrepreneurs and people interested in starting up their own businesses to get them off the ground.

Margaret explained that one of the most important ways to start off the year was to set goals.  Starting with the day ahead, then putting a vision board in place – for the year ahead, the next five years and even ten years from now. She said that running your own business meant making sacrifices and using time wisely.

Said Margaret “Owning your own business gives you freedom, but you must be focused. Focus on one thing and be the best at what you do.
Study success. What does it mean to you?  On your vision board, put in the amount that you want to earn. If you see it in your mind you will get it.”
She mentioned that borrowing substantial amounts of money to start a business usually ended in disaster.  “if you borrow too much, you’ll spend your life paying it back.  Rather start small and double your turnover on a regular basis.  It will soon add up. Don’t let your success be just a dream. Work hard at it.” She said.

Marlene explained the importance of starting the year off with a solid business plan in place. “You can put your plan down but you need to know how to achieve it. “You need to be held accountable.   If you are driving a bus, for instance, and you don’t know where you’re going how are you going to get there?”  Marlene asked the audience to set goals at the beginning of the workshop and remind themselves of these every day.  At the close of the workshop, everyone was asked what they had learnt – in a nutshell.  The feedback was extremely positive and participants left with some sound ideas that would take them through the month ahead.

The next Workshop will be held on March 6 at the Hirsch’s Umhlanga branch, starting at 9.00 a.m. and will be on the subject of Financial Mastery. This session will teach you to understand the basics of the important numbers you HAVE to know as a Business Owner, as this is so crucial to ensure you know how profitable your business really is.  It is also your guideline on measuring performance.

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