Healthy Living

It is time to start healthy living with LG.

With the ongoing environmental challenges that bring more germs, allergens and bacteria. With consumers becoming more concerned about their hygiene and health, LG continuous to develop new solutions to enable them to enjoy healthy living.

Healthy living starts with healthy food. The food we eat plays a vital role in helping us improve our lifestyle and promotes healthy living. Food being transported for many hours to the supermarkets causes our food to not always be as fresh as we would desire. That is why it is so important for us to ensure the food in your fridge stays fresh for a decent timeframe.

Healthy Living – Food

LG has introduced its innovative technology to its latest range of refrigerators to decrease in both bacteria and odour. LG’s Hygiene Fresh+ technology maintains inside hygiene by eliminating 99.999% of four typical bacteria and eliminating odours. A fan amplifies the effect of multi-layer filters on bacteria and odours are filtered out. UV LED effectively gets rid of eliminating fungi and bacteria while double deodorises filters out acidic odours like smells from vegetables and alkaline odours like fish.

Healthy Living – Clothing

With Air-pollution filling up our homes, increasing amounts of people suffering from allergies. Many of these allergies affect our airways and skin, which are present in our clothing even though they appear to be perfectly clean.

To avoid this problem, LG’s introduces their latest generation of front-loader washers have been designed to cut down dust mites, fungi, allergens and bacteria in clothing by 99.9%. The innovative steam and 60-degree celsius lergy care function effectively dissolves loosened allergens from clothes, which are then drained during the spin cycles.

Healthy Living – Conclusion

There are very little tips we can give on germs outside of our homes but taking steps to reduce the percentage of germs, fungi and bacteria inside your home can go a long way to help us in our quest for healthy living.

From innovative refrigerators to state-of-the-art washing machines – LG’s wide range of advanced features is designed for cleaner living. View our fantastic range of appliances today.


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