The Start Of a Revolution With Gas Stoves

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Going off the grid has never been so easy. Gas Stoves are the Kitchen Hero’s in many South African kitchens. Facing things as inconvenient as load shedding. It puts huge pressure on Consumers to cook at night, as well as Financial reasons, cooking draws an exorbitant amount of electricity.

Converting onto something new can be a challenge, yet this is the best change you will make for your Kitchen. With a Gas Stove you can eliminate all the negative aspects of cooking. Hirsch’s has the best range of Gas Stoves available.

Here are a few benefits of using Gas Stoves

  • Better Cook top Temperature Control – Gas Stoves allow continuous change to heat as the flame does not need time to heat or cool.
  • Durability – heavy and rough textured cook wear will not crack or break the smooth metal top, unlike ceramic or glass. Gas Stove tops are much hardier.
  • Cost Effective – effectively you will save money in the long run. You would be paying for your gas, but you will save by not paying large amounts of utilities.
  • Saves the longevity of your cookware – cookware with a rounder bottom won’t be affected negatively when cooking on a Gas Stove, as it creates even heating.
  • Emergency Ready – for instances like Load Shedding you can still use your Gas Stove, the only manual task would be to manually ignite the stove when you are wanting to cook in power outages.

The most significant benefit is that you will be saving the environment. Out of all fossil fuels gas is the cleanest burning. Gas produces much less sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide as well as airborne particles which prove harmful to animal and human health.

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