Self-isolation Means Family Time

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Self-isolation can get boring when you are stuck at home. Constantly thinking of creative ideas to entertain yourself, cabin fever sets in.

For the older working-class facing Self- isolation, relaxing is the first thing on their mind. As well as having the time to do things that they have been holding off for a while. Although it’s the complete opposite for children who are all on Self-isolation. You will need a long list of activities to entertain them.

Here are a few ideas that are fantastic for fun days at home when dealing with Self-isolation. Activities for the whole family to enjoy. This time could also be used to educate your children on how to use appliances for cooking and cleaning.

This is a great time for us to reconnect with our family’s, have meaningful conversation and create some special memories, all in the comfort of your beautiful home.


Creative Self-isolation activities

  • Indoor treasure hunt
  • Make your own bubble bath
  • Create a family recipe book, with your favorite Hirsch’s recipes
  • Camping in the great our doors
  • Home Film Festival
  • Create Vision boards
  • Bake up a storm, which comes with cleaning up like a storm. A great opportunity to teach your children how to pack and operate the dishwasher. Along with other baking appliances.
  • Redecorate your home
  • Online shopping
  • For the parents, brush up on your mixology. Make some interesting Quarantinies, Quarantine Martini.
  • Spring clean
  • Charades

You will be needing some appliances to aid your Self-isolation period. Or this could be a good time to upgrade your kitchen to create the prefect style.

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