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Hirsch’s Homestore Stocks some of the best HygienePlus Technology dishwashers from Bosch. Your food or drink will always touch the surfaces of your cups, plates, and utensils before going straight into your mouth.

Proper Hygiene should be the forefront of your mind in the times we are facing. Washing your Utensils properly before your use them is vital to your wellbeing. The ideal temperature for washing your dishes should be at 70°C.

If an eating utensil is not clean of all the grime and grease and placed into your cupboard for storage. Dust particles and germs can easily stick to and breed within that grime.

The Bosch HygienePlus dishwasher will increase the temperature for 10 minutes up to 70°C, therefore in this allocated time, achieving the highest levels of Hygiene. It’s ideal for individuals that suffer from allergies. The HygienePlus will give you maximum peace of mind when prepping meals.

General benefits of a dishwasher

  • Safer – When using a dishwasher, you have less chance of breakage while handling, which means less chance of cutting yourself.
  • Out of Sight – By placing dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher, they are not only out of sight, but your Kitchen counters are much cleaner.
  • Sanitary- Dishes that go through several cycles of hot water, which disinfects them at the same time.
  • Eco- Friendly- Most dishwashers have phosphate-free or hold a low amount of phosphate in their detergents, compared to the amount in handwashing detergent for the same number of dishes or less. A full dishwasher uses minimal electricity and water.
  • Time-Saving- The most you must spend time on is the packing of the dishwasher, other than that you have plenty of time to yourself, whilst your dishes wash.

Some fantastic benefits of the Bosch 14Pl Active Water Dishwasher

  • SuperSilence- exceptionally quiet operation at only 48 dB.
  • HygienePlus option- rinsing with higher temperatures for highest hygienic performance.
  • VarioFlex basket system und VarioDrawer- Great loading capacity and more room.
  • VarioSpeed Plus- rinses

Here are some of our favorite Bosch dishwashers with HygienePlus Technology

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