Spruce up your Dinner Table for A Formal Family Meal

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Here is a fantastic way to spruce up your dinner table for any occasion.

Pieces of fabric are a great way to create a runner or a single curtain drop. Clear your dining table, and run the fabric across the table. This one of those times when its okay not to have things all neat and tidy, ruffle the fabric up a bit.

Dust off your best dinner set and bring out those placemats, this counts as a special occasion. There is nothing more special than time spent with your family. Lay your placemats, plates followed by the napkins. To add a bit of creative flair, check out these innovative ways to fold a napkin here. Your garden can even be of use, add some tasteful greenery to the table setting, laying this through the fabric, can create some beautiful effects.

There is beauty in any rustic look combined with a feminine touch.

The next step is to create your centrepiece. This will be one of the main features of your table. A few interesting ideas would be to add some candles, make sure that the candles do not block your visual space, it can become distracting during a conversation.  Add some more greenery from your garden, a few daisies or roses in a short vase can be very effective. Don’t have a vase? That’s no problem, use a short tumbler glass or any usual drinking glass. A cookie jar with a bow around it can also be used as a vase.

Lastly, now that your table is beautifully set for your formal family meal, don’t forget the finishing touches. Get dressed up. You and your family can get out your best outfits and sit down to this exciting meal.

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