Call on Coffee Pairing

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Call on Coffee Pairing

Coffee pairing is when you match coffee with food to enhance culinary experiences. Yes! That is correct you have been doing it all along now we have some tips to share with you and confirm that this is a true dining experience.

Coffee pairing is not just a perfect match with sweets or pastries, it flows just as well with salty and starchy breakfasts too. Coffee pairing is an art that ranges from flavour to flavour. Some of the perfect pairings are hazelnuts, pumpkin spice, nutmeg.

Coffee is so versatile that it allows you to indulge at any time of the day or night, whether a morning energy boost or an afternoon ‘pick me up’.

Pairing coffee with your meal from dawn to dusk during any season,

  • A hearty American breakfast with paired with coffee of choice.
  • Butter croissant pairs nicely with coffee from Colombia or Peru.
  • A simple chocolate cake is great with a shot of espresso.
  • Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven thus the creation of mocha.
  • Glazed doughnuts and filter coffee, most doughnuts now introduce a coffee glaze.
  • Mocha Popsicles
  • Frappé coffee is blended until a thick layer of foam is created to perfection.

See below some of our favourite coffee machines and their best accompaniments

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