Once Upon a Coffee

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Every great story begins with once upon a coffee.

Roasted beans are brewed to create coffee, the seeds of berries from specific Coffea species. Once ripe, coffee berries are plucked, processed and dried. Dried coffee seeds are referred to as beans. These beans are roasted at different temperatures.

Coffee definition

Coffea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. Coffee species are shrubs or small trees native to tropical and southern Africa and tropical Asia. The seeds of some species, called coffee beans, are used to flavor various beverages and products.


Coffee grown worldwide can trace its heritage back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau. There, legend says the goat herder Kaldi first discovered the potential of these beloved beans. The story goes that that Kaldi discovered coffee after he noticed that after eating the berries from a certain tree, his goats became so energetic that they did not want to sleep at night.

10 Most Popular

  1. Caffè Americano
  2. Café Latte
  3. Cappuccino
  4. Espresso
  5. Flat White
  6. Long Black
  7. Mochaccino
  8. Filter
  9. Irish
  10. Instant

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